St. Patrick's Day!


     Well, Happy St. Patrick's Day indeed to all of you around the globe who celebrate it! 

     No, we do not celebrate it in Greece, we don't have a St. Patrick-it is a catholic holiday- but I happen to know all about St. Patrick's day due to the fact that I spent about ten years in the USA as a student and working. I remember wearing green clothes and eating green candy and of course drinking plenty of green beer that made our tongues green, too.

     I'll tell you what I know about St. Patrick in case some of you who read me are not familiar with the holiday (as I probably wouldn't if I hadn't lived in the USA).

     It is said that St.Patrick was sent to Ireland to Christianise the Irish where he used a shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity of God, hence the shamrock as a symbol/decoration for this day, as well as everything green. In Ireland he is considered a patron saint of the country and the festivities can last for days with concerts, parades and fireworks.

     Check out this site with cool activities for kids for St. Patrick's Day:


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