The grass is getting greener and the sun is shining more often! These photos were taken 2 weeks ago at my in-laws' place (they live about an hour's drive outside of Athens). You can see there's still snow on Therphe, the mountain on Evia Island in the background.
Another view of Mt. Therphe. The blue water you see is not a lake, it's the sea and that is Evia island.

That is the view my in-laws have from their home. Nice, isn't it?

This is part of the neighbourhood. It is not densely populated (yet, I usually compare with Athens) but still it's not a really small town.
This is an olive grove, of course. The olives have already been harvested.
That little tawny creature roaming around in the olive grove is our Cocker Spaniel named "Candy".  


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