Today is Thursday, in Greece it's Tseknopempte, Smoked Thursday or as they call it elsewhere Fat Thursday -- (Germany: Fetter Donnerstag, Italy: Giovedì Grasso, Poland: Tłusty czwartek, Spain: Jueves lardero. It is similar to, (but should not be confused with), the French festival of Mardi Gras ("Fat Tuesday" which is also celebrated in New Orleans, USA).
    Tseknopémptẽ is a feast associated with the celebration of Carnival (Apokries: see related post) when Greeks enjoy meat dinners at taverns, their homes or friends' homes just ten days before the beginning of the Great Lent (40day fasting) which begins on Clean Monday (will explain about Lent and Clean Monday in upcoming posts). Because Lent is a time of fasting, the next opportunity to feast will not be until Easter!

    Tseknopempte literally means Smoked Thursday and it refers to the smoke from grilling/barbecuing big quantities of meats and the custom demands that the meat is barbecued today!

    It is a holiday of joy (and preparation for the Great Lent) and of course it involves dancing and singing and wishing each other Good Health and Happy Easter!

                                                                    ΧΡΟΝΙΑ ΠΟΛΛΑ !!!



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