Pothariko (first foot or first step)

One of the many customs Greece has is the Pothariko, which in Great Britain is called "the first foot". It has to do with the very first person entering the house in the new year. This person must be a good-natured, lucky person in order to bring good luck to the house. Therefore this person is usually carefully picked by the homeowners to do so. They often choose their kids as they are considered innocent, good souls.

 The person entering the house must do so with their right foot first so that everything will go "right" for the household the whole year. Upon entering the house he or she throws with force a pomegranate to the floor and as it splatters all over the place s/he wishes that the house will have such an abundance of health, joy and goods all year long!

Of course such customs are considered  by many as superstitions, still, we like keeping them alive! Traditions/customs are something we all ought to keep and continue honoring, because they're part of our identity and culture and also because they make the holidays unique and more enjoyable!


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