This is for those mothers of boys, sisters of boys, and boys that have grown older....
And anyone else who needs a laugh.





(private photo)

The full moon in August

It is considered to be the biggest moon of the year.  Fifteen or so minutes before I took the picture the moon was huuuuuge!  It was during our summer vacation last year and we had just finished our afternoon swim and I had to run back home to get the camera...I was a little late! Still, I think it's a nice photo, the full moon at sunset. So romantic!!!


(private photo)

A panoramic view of a part of Nafplio city from the top of its medieval castle. Nafplio is a historical city located in the southeastern part of the mainland of Greece. Beautiful, isn't it?


       Hello and greetings from Greece!!! I welcome you all to my new blog. My name is Vicky, I am a high-school english teacher and I live in Athens, Greece. I'm (happily-most of the times) married and have a ten year old mr.know-it-all son and an eight year old strong-willed daughter. Life is NOT boring at home! I am an english teacher but have devoted myself to motherhood for the past seven years. Due to the current financial crisis in my country I was recently forced to go back to work but only part-time and as a ...secretary. Times are tough! But we'll prove we're tougher!!! Right?!
     I created this blog because I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings with other housewives around the world. Men are welcome to read and comment as well, I discriminate against no one! As a matter of fact it would be rather interesting! But as far as we ladies are concerned, we have so much in common, as women, as mothers and as housewives.
     This blog can be a small escape from routine where we can learn about other people like us, relate to each other and find sympathy or compassion, maybe a word of advice, learn something new, laugh with a joke or video or even share cooking recipies, beauty tips and housecleaning tips.
     Come and find out what living in Greece is like!!!!

P.S. Since I'm kinda new at this blogging business I would like some feedback if you please so that I can improve. I welcome any advice, tips and how-tos! Thank you in advance!!!  


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